King Me (ft. Big Shot, TK, & Icy Blu)

by M. David Johnson

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King Me produced by M DJ, with features from Big Shot, TK, & Icy Blu!


Verse 1 (Big Shot):
King Me, switch into Big Shot,
Soon as I step on the stage watch it get hot,
M David laced the song with bombs,
So watch your whole entourage get all pissed off and BOOM!

There goes the explosives,
Blowin up in their faces like OH SHIT!
I don't slip, so partner d-don't trip,
I'll trample your whole click and make it look all sick..

No crown is nessecary,
For my dome, in the zone no less than your king,
On the mic, I'm a sniper always movin the fire,
They know that I'm gettin higher, I'm buildin up an empire!

Runnin rampant, makin em feel the damage ,
Go to war so forfeit your borders demand it,
Cram it, if you don't like the style of my vile infected growl..
Get the fuck off my planet!

I'm sayin' it, right now, if you don't duck the fuck down,
I'm puttin your lights out.
Tight sound, aggressive use of the weapon,
Expect a noose if you testin, I'm snappin your fuckin neck with it,

WOW, yea, cowabunga, flippin like micheal syllables
Killin em wit numchucks,
Dumb fucks gettin served up the spiked punch,
Death in a cup so sweet, just try it once!

Chorus (Big Shot):
Double it up,
Move wherever- whenever- EASY!
Topplin mountains in my route
As I'm countin down to power shift its about to get greasy/
Decent, nothin but quality, when it oughta be,
I'm liable to be up on top colony,
Osama the opposition, obama I'm on a mission,
No stallin if yall against him, you'll probably get bodied g.

Verse 2 (TK):
Yo, somebody king me, I been jumpin yo asses,
it aint passion my toungue is dumpin sulfuric acid,
in a minute I'ma break, so I'm stuntin yo bastards,
Anybody in the way, straight fuck em I'ma smash em,

You callin that a diss? Mother fuck a reaciton,
yo I'm giving yo applause cause I'm actually laughin,
Ha bro you can't hack it with rappin,
Son you got charisma like a mother fuckin napkin,

They tell me I'm a murderer, I'm breakin your vertebra,
Tay be makin a servin up til the day that they heard of us
Steppin up into the kitchen and bitch I'm finna come burn em up
I'm a creamate em (blazed)
somebody better be urning em

I'm an unstoppable force, think you unmoveable watch it,
I'm a turn that life off like an inanimate object,
Man I'm on bananas on projects and the handle I'm off it,
You can't handle the concept of a man with no conscious,

Ill, man the hype is real,
Kill, yea I probably will,
Chill, thats why I'm dropping pills,
But man I can't even afford a fuckin doctor's bill!

Oh no, man I lost my head,
Y'all don't even wanna know me when I'm off my meds,
If ya with me then we killin till the frosty end
and I'm gonna take em for a ride and fuckin drop the rest like FUCK YES!

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3 (Icy Blu):
You better recognize that I be coming with the rhyme
That'll make all rappers wanna quit and fall to the floor
They're mad cause I'm fucking with Strange that I gotta
Opportunity to show em that the basketballs in my court

Niggas think I'm sick and when my lyrics hit em in the
-eardrum they gonna feel it saying I will support,
Ladies wanna love me & always wanna hug me
Come & telling me I've never heard your style before

Well I'm flipping & ripping the shit proper (proper)
Spitting it quick & to get it hotter
I'm the snippet of wickedness with the armor
and I'm pushing the music into the limits
of my sickness don't bother

See I'm coming like a semi automatic from a chopper
Dropping down to leave you dead on the ground
From the bass into the treble what we make is on a level
That you could never nestle we get the best in the town

Wearing the crown but I sport it with a tilt
Ruling on the beat & then import with the skill
and if you try to take the throne well then of course
I'm gonna kill
I be like off with his head are the words I'm gonna spill

You're so full of shit like the critics when they lie
You are not artistic your a gimmick of the grind
I'm the lyrical Peter pan see my words are gonna fly
and now I'm off to neverland where the spirit never dies!

(Chorus Repeats x2)


released December 12, 2013



all rights reserved


M. David Johnson Hazard, Kentucky

I make the beats for your virgin ears.

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